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'Nicolas passion for health and fitness is inspiring'

'I haven't met another instructor who takes so much time to understand her clients needs... working on building strength and fitness at a pace that's right for all'

'Pilates leaves me feeling calmer and stronger. It even makes me want to eat more healthily'

'No more boring same routine every week classes. Nicolas imagination and the effort she makes in planning her sessions show how committed she is to helping everyone achieve their goals.'

Nicola provides a whole range of different classes, so there is always something to suit anyone at any time. She is extremely enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable and really supportive to everyone in her classes.

She accommodates all levels within her individual classes and will if needed offer different levels of intensity for individuals without affecting the rest of the class.


She always makes you feel at ease and that your enjoyment is really important to her.

Within her classes they are never the same from week to week. She always adapts the programme to make them interesting, different and challenging. I would recommend Nicolas classes to anyone of any age or ability.

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Classes are held in Flitton, Silsoe & Clophill,



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About Nicola Rayner Fitness

Nicola Rayner Fitness, is a community based company. Since Nicola was a child, her passion and enthusiasm for dance, music and fun has continued throughout her life.

She trained as a fitness instructor 14 years ago and has since continued to develop a broad knowledge and level of qualifications which allow her to deliver the latest fitness trends with amazing results!

Her classes are jam packed with motivation and energy, making fitness something to be enjoyed, both mentally and physically!


Nicola Rayner
started her fitness career working for Champneys
teaching a wide range of classes including
Aerobics, Bodysculpt, Spinning, Aquafit, Fitball,
Circuits and Dance. Adding Zumba to her repertoire
led to her own community classes which skyrocketed with popularity.
Nicola's unwaivering enthusiasm and genuine care for each and every one of her participant's regardless of their fitness ability makes all of her classes a welcoming and social environment in which to have fun and get fitter!
Nicola's qualifications in Pilates extends to being specialised in spinal conditions and ante/post-natal. She believes in the importance of strengthening from the core whilst having fun with cardio and toning classes such as, legs, bums and tums, HIIT Circuits, Boxworx and outdoor boot camp.