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Let the adventures of summer inspire your fitness dreams.....

However you spent your summer - relaxing in the sun, days out sight-seeing, bike rides, evening walks they were all helping to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. So why not use that same mentality of fun and adventure and apply it to your fitness. We relate exercise to hard work and no fun, so following a few simple tips you can adapt that same enjoyment you experienced on your holidays to your regular workouts.

1 –Do more

Any form of training will have a benefit over doing nothing at all. Walk, cycle, run, lift, throw, play ball games over the park or gardening. Making everyday life more varied and having a willingness to make things a little more challenging will improve your overall mind set as well as your physical fitness.

2 – Be specific

Whatever your fitness goal is, break it down into smaller components and work at those. Through repetition, practise and consistency you will achieve these quicker and move one step closer to your overall objective. Make sure what you do is relevant to your goals, such as improving core strength by starting with a Pilates class. You can then practise these exercises at home to improve your technique and fitness.

3 – Eat better, sleep better

A lack of sleep can make you less insulin sensitive which means your body will have less energy and store more fat! Just as some days we are more active than others so how you fuel your body should vary accordingly. Don’t eat the same amount every day, fuel your body for its needs. If you’re having a day relaxing in the sun your body doesn’t need as much food as if you’re going on a hike!

4 – Find a class that makes you happy

That includes the people that go to that class. Having the social support and fun with other like-minded people can become the main reason for being committed and going to that exercise class.

Find that class or activity that helps you on that journey towards achieving your fitness goals and have an adventure on the way!

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