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Starting out - again!

So here I am after years of being terrified of setting up a web page trying, very slowly and not very impressively, to give it a go!

It's a bit like starting (or restarting) exercise after putting it off forever!

We know it needs to be done, it's nagging us in the back of our minds and our lives would definitely feel more in control, but we're scared of doing a rubbish job and know there are tons of other people out there much more proficient than us.

So let's make a deal!

I will do my best at making this website the best of my ability and will hopefully learn and improve along the way (any help or advice would be greatly appreciated) and you guys, well just get back to a class and take control of your wellbeing and any help, support or advice that I can give you, I will!

Let's make it happen!


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